7 Mental Barriers You Need to Let go of Today

By February 5, 2015Abundance, Mind

Everyone experiences mental barriers—the psychological blocks that make it extremely difficult to press forward and achieve our dreams of success and abundance.

Some of those barriers are attachments formed in the early days of youth; others are accumulated over time as we deal with the constant struggles and mental pressure of life. Bitter memories, pyschological distress, destructive habits, and fear are each a part of the great journey of life, but if we let those experiences, negative emotions and habits linger in our minds they can ultimately stifle our progress.

Not every mental barrier is capable of dragging us down, but there are a few that you need to let go of without hesitation. If you’re dealing with any of the following seven mental barriers, just take a deep breath and begin the process of letting them go.

#1: Self-Criticism

There is nothing inherently wrong with a routine self-checkup to keep yourself aligned with your goals, but an innocent self-evaluation can turn into harsh self-criticism very quickly.

The old cliché phrase is true: “We are our own greatest critic”. Instead of putting yourself through endless torture each time you make a mistake, try speaking kind words of affirmation to yourself. You’ll soon find that you’re able to forgive yourself and move on to more positive thinking.

#2: The Need for the Approval of Others

Last week we dedicated an entire article to this very subject. The quick synopsis: It’s normal to desire the praise and approval of others, but when it transforms into obsessive thinking that affects the way you live your life, it’s reached an unhealthy level.

Don’t allow yourself to base your self-confidence on the approval you get from others. Instead learn to be your own person and find joy in your talents and originality.

#3: Guilt

We all stumble and fall at some point in life, but hanging on to guilt for past mistakes can quickly turn into an unhealthy obsession. When you think about it, guilt is incapable of solving any of your problems. All guilt does is bring added suffering, heartache and anxiety. Learn to let go of your guilt and live for tomorrow. We all need to learn to forgive ourselves.

#4: Limiting Beliefs

Michael Jordan, NBA Hall of Famer, said it best: “Limits, like fear, is often just an illusion.”

When each of us thinks about personal limitations, the limits we envision are often the limits we have imposed on ourselves. If you allow yourself to be controlled by limits you’ll never achieve the dreams and success you’re striving for. In reality our success is only limited by the belief we have in ourselves. If you believe you can push the boundaries and achieve greater things, you will.

#5: Procrastination

Everyone deals with the temptation to procrastinate. With so much on our plates every day, it’s common for the most important “to-do” items to get pushed off until a later date. Though procrastination is second nature for millions of people, you don’t need to let it become one of your habits.

Instead of pushing things off until tomorrow, try to be proactive and find tasks to complete every day that will put you one step closer to achieving the success you desire. If you do a little bit every day you’ll avoid becoming overwhelmed, and you’ll also feel like you’re on track.

#6: Past Grudges

Studies have proven that grudges are bad for your mental health, but they can also negatively affect the health of your heart. If you hold on to past grudges you are literally poisoning your body from the inside out. If you want to relieve yourself of this burden try contacting the person you have a strained relationship with. If that’s not possible, just let it go. The longer you hold on to the offense, the greater you will suffer in the future.

#7: Negative Thoughts and Influences

You’ll soon find that the people around you shape your personality and your vision of the world. If you have anyone around you that is insincere, pessimistic and overly critical, it’s probably best to limit the amount of time you spend with them. If you want to reach for the stars you must surround yourself with positive thinkers who are determined to live successful and abundant lives.


No matter where your goals and dreams may lead you, make sure you don’t bring mental barriers along for the ride. If you can learn to avoid self-criticism, not concern yourself with the opinion of others, rid yourself of guilt, avoid limiting beliefs, not procrastinate, and let go of past grudges and negative thoughts and influences, you’ll be on your way to a more fulfilling and abundant life.




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