How to Think Your Dreams into Reality

By February 8, 2015Abundance, Mind

Have you ever met someone who seems like they have everything going for them? If so, you’ve probably found yourself wondering how in the world things just always seem to pan out for them. No one’s that lucky, right? Chances are that person, the uber-successful one, is happy every time you see them. Their face is shining and they are full of laughter and good news. If you get to know them you may learn that their life isn’t perfect; they’ve had their fair share of set-backs and hardships. Although it comes as a shock to you to learn that they are human, the existence of their trials makes them all the more intriguing. How do they remain so successful and happy?

Our Minds Rule Us

There is one main difference between the lucky one and you and it comes in the form of your mind’s thoughts.

Life is truly all about perspective. Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. With that being said, if you’re unhappy or unsuccessful in your current situation, it may be time for a change in perspective if you want to achieve happiness.

Recent research has shown that the average adult makes about 35,000 decisions each day. Each time you make a decision you have the opportunity to shift your perspective. For instance, if something goes completely wrong in your day and ruins the carefully thought out plans you had for the evening, you have the agency to decide whether you will be in a grumpy mood all night or whether you will say to yourself, “well I guess I was meant to be enjoying my time differently tonight!” and remain in a positive mood. Many people go about life allowing uncontrollable circumstances to dictate their lives. However, there is always, always a choice and the people who achieve their dreams understand this.

Believe in Yourself and Success Will Follow

The famous, or infamous, “mom” quote, “you must believe it to achieve it” is living, breathing proof that mother does know best. In order to achieve your dreams and be happy in your life, you must believe in what you’re doing with the most positive outlook possible. Nothing should be able to penetrate your belief in your personal dreams and your ability to bounce back from set-backs and regret with positive solutions.

Success starts in your mind. Imagine the scene of a high-school track meet from two different perspectives. The first girl, Jane, worried about the meet all week long. She was absolutely sure that there would be no way to beat her rival. In her mind all she could do was show up to lose. On the morning of the meet, Jane woke up late, skipped breakfast and forgot her running shoes. When the gun went off, she ran as fast as she could in her teammate’s shoes, but she was so hungry and distracted that she lost the match. On the other team was Sam. Sam knew she was up against some tough competition and she spent the week prior preparing for the race. When the day of the meet arrived, she was feeling pretty confident that she could contend with her competitors. She woke up early, ate breakfast and arrived at the track with a half-hour to spare. When the gun went off, she was prepared and focused and had no trouble winning the race.


This story provides an example of the “self-fulfilling prophecy”. Jane knew she wouldn’t win and so she mentally and physically prevented herself and her body from being able to give it a shot; she lost the race because she thought she would. On the same thread, Sam thought she would do well in the race and she achieved her goal. Although this story may seem juvenile, the results of our thoughts are just as prevalent in our everyday lives. Our daily, personal affirmations of ourselves and our abilities add up and determine whether or not our dreams are realized.



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