3 Ways to Be More Optimistic and Enjoy More Abundance

By July 26, 2015Uncategorized

3 Ways to Become Optimistic and Enjoy More Abundance

I think it’s safe to say that everyone in the world believes being an optimistic person leads to stronger relationships, higher self-confidence and a more fulfilling life, but that doesn’t mean being positive isn’t still ridiculously challenging. In fact, sometimes it almost seems impossible to the untrained mind.

My Pessimistic Background

I grew up in a very unstable home. My parents never stopped fighting, my father rarely missed a chance to criticize me and bring me down, and I struggled with severe social anxiety, which made it incredibly difficult for me to form a friendship with anyone. Carrying around all the stress, bad feelings and anxiety every single day took a toll on me, so by the time I left high school I was a certified pessimist—partially because of my background, partially because I didn’t make the decision to have a different attitude. After choosing to have a pessimistic outlook on life for nearly a decade, I decided it was time to look for the positive. Easier said than done, right?

I decided that despite the challenges I had faced in the past and all of the challenges that were yet to come, I was going to do my best to enjoy my life, my relationships, and the future, whatever it might bring. It was in that moment that my life began to change for the better. Along the way I learned three distinct ways to become more optimistic and enjoy greater abundance in my life. Today I’m going to share those three tips with you.

#1: Daily Effort is Required

Unfortunately you can’t suddenly become an optimist overnight by simply saying the words. If you want to become a truly optimistic person, you need to make the decision multiple times each day. There will always be something that comes up: a bad day at work, a bad hair day, a difficult relationship, that will tempt you to give up on optimism altogether, but it’s in those moments that you must persevere. If you struggle with this, try writing down a positive message and keeping it with you everyday. When times get tough, read that message.

#2: Look at Each Challenge as a New Opportunity

It’s relatively easy to be optimistic when everything in life is peachy, but when times are difficult, it’s not quite so simple. However, if you want to have more optimism in your life you need to learn to get excited about new challenges (as excited as you can be). However difficult the challenge might be, try to use it as a way to evaluate your progress as an optimist. Over time it will get easier to be more optimistic.

#3: Frequently Ask Yourself Questions About Your Experiences

If you can ask yourself questions like: What can I learn from this negative experience? How will this negative experience help me in the future? You’ll be on your way to a life filled with more optimism than you have right now.

When you ask yourself frequent questions you are taking an active role in your own life. You are proactively deciding to try to understand your life experiences, take responsibility for your choices, and learn what you can from your mistakes and your challenges. When you make it a habit you transform into an entirely different person—one that always looks at the bright side and uplifts others.

To do this one effectively, make a list of 10-15 questions you can ask yourself, and cycle through the list every few weeks.