How to Submit to the Will of the Universe

By October 17, 2015Uncategorized

We’ve all been there—those times in our lives when things don’t go anything like we planned. Those moments when we just want what we want, and we want it right now. Those moments when we get caught up so much in our own desires that we fail to recognize that what is happening to us may be in our best interest in the end.

Every person reading this today is motivated to some degree by their own goals and desires, but unfortunately sometimes we become too obsessed with controlling every outcome in our lives and less on what the universe is trying to teach us. Possibly you’re stressed out because you’ve been waiting for a big promotion at work for years and it’s just not happening. Maybe you’re waiting for your dream partner to walk into your life, but you feel like it may be too late. No matter what your current predicament is, just realize that everyone has been guilty of trying to command the universe to grant a wish at some point, so you are not alone.

Let the Universe Take the Reins

The other day I was reading a blog post (and watching an accompanying video), produced by Gabrielle Bernstein, a New York Times Bestselling Author and motivational speaker in the personal development world.

In her post, Gabrielle explained that in our lives there is always a solution of the highest good, but it may not always be aligned with what we think we need at the moment. She concluded that it is in our best interest to let go of our own selfish desires and submit to the will of the Universe. When we follow what the Universe has in store for us, we immediately are able to let go of any of the uncertainty and discomfort we felt about the problems in our lives. This paves the way for us to enjoy the success, happiness and abundance that we are meant to feel.

The Steps you Need to Take to let go

 #1: Reflect Inward

 In order to submit completely to the will of the Universe, you have to be prepared to reflect inward first. You have to be willing to admit that even though you’ve spent time planning out your dreams and goals, you are willing to shift your focus in support of a more magnificent plan. This step is crucial to your success.

 #2: Submit to the Universe Completely

Once you decide you are willing to submit to the will of the Universe, you need to completely let go. Once you let go you are signaling that you are prepared to accept all the wonderful blessings and experiences and even challenges that the Universe has in store for you down the road.

#3: Keep a Positive Perspective

Sometimes it’s difficult to stay the course when you feel like the Universe is not giving you what we want, but if you do stay the course the rewards will be beyond what you can imagine right now. Even if the Universe takes your life in a direction that’s different from what you planned, just keep your focus on the long-term. Remember that kingdoms aren’t built in a day, and dreams aren’t realized in a day either. If you learn to trust the Universe everything will work out the way it’s supposed to.