19 Simple Ways to Show Someone you Care

By March 28, 2016Abundance, Relationships

Showing someone that you care doesn’t require a big, grandiose effort. It’s in the small, simple things that we really show love to those around us. This is especially true when that small thing is something only the giver and receiver know about. There’s no “putting on a show,” and if we’re the receiver, we know that the “gift” was truly given from the heart.

You can show that you care to anyone that you care about; it doesn’t have to be someone with whom you are romantically involved. While you absolutely should show your significant other that you love them, don’t forgot to let friends and family know that they are important too. Here are 19 simple ways that you can do just that.

#1: Pay Attention

Make sure that when you are with that person, you are really there. Your mind isn’t focusing on something else.

#2: Listen

Don’t just pretend to listen. Actually listen and then comment (if needed). Sometimes the best way we can show that we care is to just listen without interrupting.

#3: Talk with Them

You don’t necessarily have to talk about anything important. Just spend some time chatting together.

#4: Little Gifts

My husband does this for me sometimes. When I’m feeling upset, he offers to pick me up some ice cream on his way home or some other little thing. Even though he’s had a busy day, I know he’s still thinking about me.

#5: Try Things That They Enjoy

Maybe your friend likes hiking and it’s not really your thing. If you go anyway, they will definitely know how much you care.

#6: Let Them Be Right (Even When They Aren’t)

Often, winning an argument or discussion is not nearly as important as keeping a relationship. Especially if it’s over something small, just let it go.

#7: Send a Text

This one is fairly simple. Just send a short, sweet text to let your friend/family member/significant other know that you’re thinking about them. My cousin and I do this to each other sometimes and we know that we’re important in each other’s lives because of it.

#8: Leave Little Notes

I love doing this for my husband and he does it for me too. I’ve woken up to find little notes all around the apartment and it completely sets the tone for the day.

#9: Let Them Choose

Let them pick what both of you are going to do for the night. Whether that be going to a movie, going dancing, or going to dinner, let them choose. Then enjoy it. Show that you care by doing what they want to do.

#10: Cook (or Pick Up) Their Favorite Food

Unless their favorite dish is really complicated to make, this is not all that difficult. However, it really shows that they are important in your life and that you were thinking about them.

#11: Take an Interest in Their Favorite Things

Be interested when they tell you about the things they love doing. It could be the new book they’ve been reading or a discussion they’ve had with someone else. You could even keep an eye out for events that they would be interested in and suggest attending.

#12: Accept Them for Who They Are

When someone is in your life, it’s because you enjoy being around that person. Don’t try to change them. Be grateful for what makes them, well, them.

#13: Say Thank You

Trust me, this really shows that you appreciate and care about what your friends/family/significant other has done for you. Not only that, but Gratitude shows that what they have done for you, has not been overlooked.

#14: Surprise Them

To be fair, this one could range from simple to really complex. A simple suggestion; rent that new movie they’ve been wanting to see. Complex: buy concert tickets for their favorite band.

#15: Give Compliments

I don’t think there are many people who don’t enjoy getting compliments, plus it really is a great way to show that you care about them. You care enough to notice what is going on in their lives and compliments don’t have to be exclusively appearance based either.

#16: Do The Dishes (or Other Chores)

My husband and I both hate doing the dishes. So when he does do the dishes, I know he’s doing it for me.

#17: Just Spend Time Together

It doesn’t matter what you are doing, as long as you are doing it together. Go to the grocery store together, watch your favorite tv show together, or play a board game together. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you spend that time together. Time is our most valuable possession. Choosing to spend it with someone else shows that you really care about them.

#18: Put Down the Devices

These days, everyone seems attached to their devices. Put them down, set them on a table far away, and spend some real, quality time with those that are important to you. That will send a message loud and clear about how much you care about someone.

#19: Actually Tell Them “You Care”

There’s no surer way to let someone know that you care than by actually telling them. If you’re not great at actually saying it, then use some of the tips above. Actions do speak louder than words but words are still nice to hear too.