5 Things to Express Gratitude for Every Day

During the past few years I’ve made a valiant effort to be more grateful for all the blessings in my life. It’s not always easy for me to focus on the positive, because up until a few years ago I was a very pessimistic person. Even when blessings of success and abundance were being showered upon me, I always found a way to point out the one small detail that wasn’t perfect. Since then I’ve changed my mindset and I’ve made a commitment to express my gratitude whenever and wherever I can.

If you want to soak up all the beauty and joy that life has to offer, may I recommend that you discover (like I did), the blessings of gratitude. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to show gratitude, but in the big picture, it makes our lives so much more fulfilling and beautiful. So decide today that you will exercise gratitude at every turn of life. If you need some help thinking of things to be grateful for, here is a list of 5 things you should express gratitude for every day of your life.

#1: Your Life

Though life has its fair share of challenges and tribulations, it also has more beauty and love to offer than you can possibly imagine. I honestly think that most of us don’t even scratch the surface when it comes to getting the most out of life. There are so many wonderful things to do, places to see, and people to meet. Next time you’re feeling down, be grateful for the life you have, even though it’s not always roses and rainbows.

#2: Family and Friends

Is there anything more rewarding than spending time with your loved ones? Even in the most difficult of times, all of us have at least a few people we can lean on for love and support. Maybe it’s a sibling, a parent, a grandparent, a partner, or a dear friend—no matter who it is always remember to be grateful for the relationship you have with them. Always love your friends and family and treat each day with them as if it’s your last.

#3: Opportunities

We have more opportunities available to us today than ever before in the history of the world. You have the freedom to start your own business, travel the world, and make enough money to support yourself and your family. If you want to, you can reach for the stars and follow your dreams—and the only person that can stop you from doing it is you. Remember to give thanks for the many opportunities that come your way.

#4: Nature

What I love most about nature is its ability to calm my nerves, free my soul and give me perspective on my life. Anytime that I need to unwind or think about a life problem I’m facing, I go take a walk through nature. I understand that not everyone has access to nature all the time, but even walking through a park filled with trees and streams can work just as well. Next time you find yourself in nature, remember to be thankful for it.

#5: The Beauty of Art

Art can take various forms: the written word, the painting, music, dance and even sporting events. All of us have been blessed with a wide variety of talents, and it’s a beautiful thing to watch the beauty of art unfold before you. If you’re ever having a down day, seek out the beauty of art in all its forms and rejoice in the talents of others.