5 Tips for Finding Peace in Your Life

There’s no denying that life can be very hectic and finding peace seems almost unattainable. We constantly feel stressed out because there is pressure everywhere.  Pressure to perform well at work, pressure to make sure our families are well taken care of, and pressure to make sure we ‘look the part’ whatever part that may be.

There is no denying that a lot of pressure and stress can come from those around us but more often than not, that comes from ourselves.  I stress myself out all the time because I think I need to be better at doing the dishes, cleaning the living room, etc. etc.  My list goes on and on and I’m sure several of you feel the same way.  In my case, I actually do a decent job of staying on top of everything but in my head I feel as if I’m failing.  How do we get past this? How do we find inner peace in our lives when there is so much to do?

#1: Be Grateful

Gratitude is the very essence of a happy and peaceful person. When you are focused on all the things you have to be grateful for, the negative things dim in comparison.  Try finding at least one thing every day to be grateful for and write it down.  It could be something as simple as the fact that you were able to get out of bed this morning.  I recommend keeping a gratitude journal and as time goes on, you’ll see how much there is to be grateful for and your life will be that much more peaceful.

#2: Do Something You Love Every Day

Sometimes we just need a little time to ourselves, so why not spend it doing something you love? If you love to paint, do it! Even if it’s only 10 minutes a day, do it.  It will help you feel happier and more at peace with yourself and your life.

#3: You Are Enough

One problem with our world today is that people think happiness and peace will come with the next big thing.  That is not the way to finding peace.  We can’t have the mindset “Once I get ___, I’ll be happy.” Fill in the blank with job, house, weight loss, etc, the concept is the same.  Too often, we find that once we obtain those things, we are happy for awhile but soon fall back into despair.  Remember that you are enough.  Stop looking for your inner peace to come from anything outside yourself.  Make the choice to believe that you can be happy with what you have and you will find peace. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep trying to excel and improve, but just try doing it with a different mindset.

#4: Don’t Sabotage Yourself

Finding peace is hard enough without making it even harder on yourself.  Set limits on what you can do.  If you are trying to manage too many things, you won’t be able to take time for yourself.  Simplify your life by doing the necessary things and maybe throwing in some unnecessary ones too. For example, a necessary thing would be eating, but it might be taking it too far if you’re trying to plan a 5 course dinner for a family of four, every night.  Slow down, pick the most important things and focus on those.  Your life will be much smoother and more peaceful.

#5: Breathe

This is the simplest tip on this list but one that I find the most useful.  Take a few minutes everyday to just breathe.  Sit or stand and take in at least 5 good, deep breaths.  I use this tip all the time, especially when I’ve stressed out.  I have more dishes to do and a house to clean? Deep breath and then I can dive in.  Deep breathing has a calming effect that instantly makes things seem more manageable.  This is good tip to use even when you aren’t stressed out because it helps to build a less stressful life; and having a less stressful life makes it that much easier to find peace.