How Journal Writing can Lead to an Abundant Life

A private journal is the one of the best ways to help us discover who we are. Even better, it’s a great way to deal with life around us. Writing in a journal helps us understand who we are, what’s going well in our life, and what we need to change. Living an abundant life is about living to our full potential. Journal writing allows us to discover what that potential is.

I’m a terrible journal writer; I’m inconsistent and I’ve written in several journals that cover the same time period. However, my husband is the complete opposite. He writes almost every day and I have seen how that has helped him process what is going on in his life. Often, his most profound thoughts are found in his journal because he expresses his ideas so well on paper. Journal writing works really well for him.

How exactly does journal writing help us live a more abundant life? Well, there are as many different ways as there are different people. Because journal writing is so personal, one way might not work for someone else. On the rare occasions that I do write, these are the most common reasons why I do.

Know Yourself Better

When you consistently write in a journal, you start to recognize yourself better than before. This is even more so if you write in a private journal, where there is no pressure to be perfect. Only then, can you write out your deepest thoughts. It is in those moments that you discover your true self and understand your potential. Knowing your potential allows you to live up to your purpose and therefore live an abundant life.

Reduce Stress

There is something special about putting pen to paper (or fingers to a keyboard) that’s relaxing. Letting things go on paper (or computer) is extremely good at reducing stress. You’ve probably heard of this example. When you’re angry with someone, you should write this person a letter but don’t send the letter. Writing in a journal is the same thing. It allows you to work through your feelings without hurting someone else, or yourself, in the process, even if you only write for 10 minutes a day.

Work Through Things

This is the main reason I’ll write in my journal, because it allows me to work through my problems and process my feelings. When my husband and I were dating, I had the opportunity to do a study abroad in London. I was so afraid that while I was gone, my feelings would change and I grew very anxious about it. Writing in my journal was one of the only ways I could get myself to calm down and work through the anxiety. All worked out well and we got married later that year. I’ll still write in my journal to get through things. If you’re like me and don’t write often, try writing the next time you have a problem to work through. It will help.

Goal Writing

It’s been said that writing our goals down will make us more likely to achieve them. What better place could there be then to write them down in a journal? That way you know exactly where your goals are and you won’t lose them. Setting goals and achieving them is very important to living an abundant life because it helps us eventually reach our full potential.

Progress Report

After setting our goals, journals are nice because they allow us to keep a progress report. We can mark out steps to complete our goal in our journal and then check them off as we go. Not only is it good to mark progress on a current goal; it will also help us see that we have done hard things before and succeeded. This is especially useful when you’re discouraged. I like to look back at the entries I wrote while in London when my husband and I have disagreements, because it helps me realize what’s important. If we made it through that, then we can make it through anything. It changes my perspective and helps me live a more abundant life with my husband.