How to Stay Motivated When Going Through Tough Times

Life has a way of throwing us under the bus sometimes. Things can be going very well and then the rug is pulled out from under our feet. You’re doing really well at work and then you’re laid off, out of nowhere. Or you’ve created an at-home business that started out well but is starting to falter. That can make it really difficult to keep going. How can we stay motivated when going through those tough times?

After I graduated from college, I spent months looking for a job. I would send out resumes every week and rarely hear back from anyone. I started to get very discouraged and begin to give up of finding a job in my field. It was really hard. It was only after I asked for help from others that I was able to find a position. Starting a new job pulled me out of that discouraging rut and helped me find my motivation to do well again.

If you are going through tough times, it’s essential to find your motivation to keep going. Otherwise, things won’t get better and they will fall apart. Staying motivated won’t always be incredibly easy, but it is easier than you probably think. Following these guidelines will help you discover that.

Set the Bar Low

This seems to fly in the face of everything we’re taught, especially when trying to reach success. But if times are tough, setting a low and specific goal can be exactly the thing to get you moving again. You wouldn’t want to set a goal too high only to get discouraged and fall deeper into a rut. Eventually you can work yourself up to a more lofty goal, but if you want to stay motivated, start small and celebrate every step.

Be Kind to Yourself

Often, we are our own worst enemy. I’ve noticed this with myself all the time. “Why can’t I eat healthier?” or “Why can’t I look like this?’ or even worse, “That was so dumb, I can’t believe you did that.” etc. Why do we do this? If we want to succeed, if we want to find our motivation, we have to be kind to ourselves. Otherwise, we end up sabotaging any chance of success we may find. Every day, try to find at least one great thing about yourself (I’m sure there are many to choose from) and remember it. Use it to help you keep going.

Ask for Help

If you’re discouraged and can’t find your own way out of your motivation-less rut, ask for help. Like I mentioned above, when I couldn’t find a job after college graduation, I asked for help from friends and family. Without that assistance, who knows how much longer I would have gone without work? Now, you don’t have to be looking for a new job to ask for help. Perhaps you are trying to get in shape? Why not ask a friend to come exercise with you? Maybe you are writing a book and have writer’s block; try asking someone to read it over and help you brainstorm. The list goes on and on but asking for help will help increase your motivation.

Just Get it Done

Often times, the reason that we lose motivation is because we don’t enjoy the steps along the way. A current goal of mine is to create a healthier lifestyle by exercising, eating well, and losing some weight. However, I have not found a form of exercise that I enjoy, and that is making it a lot harder to do. The idea behind this guideline is that you don’t have to enjoy it, you just need to do it. Starting that pattern will help you stay motivated in reaching your goal.

Find the Silver Lining

You’re going through tough times and that’s hard but it’s important to keep perspective. Find the good things that are happening. They don’t even have to be related. You’re struggling with weight loss but maybe you have supportive family all around you. Trying to start an at-home business but still have a full-time position somewhere else? At least you still have that income. Find your silver lining and you will find your motivation.