3 Behaviors Preventing you From Achieving Your Dreams

By April 3, 2016Abundance, Mind, Prosperity

You’ve set a goal…great! You’ve even outlined a plan as to how to reach your dream…great! You are well on your way to achieving your goal. Achieving your dreams is important in living a life of abundance because it helps you live a fuller life. Many of us know the steps we need to take to setting a goal and actually reaching it. Check out this article from a few weeks ago if you do need help with setting reachable goals.

However, just because you now know some tips to achieving your dreams, there are still behaviors that can prevent us from moving closer to them. There are many different things that can stop you in your tracks as you start reaching towards your goals. I’m only discussing three but it’s important for you to examine your own life to decide if these are the behaviors you struggle with or if there are others.


This is the idea that you have to have everything you want…now. It’s the behavior where individuals wait for the perfect opportunity before trying anything. It’s not enough to work towards a decent job, they need to be offered a fantastic job right off the bat in order to even consider changing positions.

I’ve fallen guilty of this behavior before. I thoroughly enjoy participating in music but I’ve been putting off developing my vocal skills because I’m waiting for the perfect moment to start. However, there is no perfect moment to start trying to achieve your dream. The perfect moment is now. Don’t wait until you have every detail figured out, just start trying. Set up those small steps and adjust as needed. Things have a way of working themselves out, once we put the effort in.

Fear of Failure

This is an important behavior to stop doing as you are working towards your dream. Shift your mindset of failure. Failure is not inherently a bad thing. The word has somehow come to be associated with fear and inadequacy. If you fail, it doesn’t mean you will never reach your goal. It merely means that what you already tried, didn’t work.

Failure can be a good thing because it provides a learning experience. It helps you develop more into yourself and helps highlight a better path towards achieving your dreams. Don’t let the fear of failure paralyze you as you reach towards your goal.

When I was in college, I desperately wanted to join the ballroom team. That was my dream. I kept trying out and trying out but didn’t make it. For a long time, I was completely devastated until I turned my mindset around. I took more classes, made it into higher level classes, and decided that even though I might “fail” again, I wasn’t going to stop trying. Eventually, I did make it onto a summer team and enjoyed being part of that for 6 weeks. I achieved my dream but only because I kept trying and didn’t let the fear of failure stop me.


Comparison can easily be the death of a dream. We all know someone who has achieved the same dream that we want to achieve. The problem comes when we start comparing ourselves to them. Stop doing this. Everyone has their own unique set of circumstances that they have to overcome on their path to achieving their dreams. The journey won’t be the same for all of us.

When we compare ourselves to others, we instill a mentality of scarcity and fear. This is the exact opposite of an abundance mentality where we know there is plenty to go around. While we may look to others as examples of what we can achieve, we can’t copy their path. How will that be authentic for you if you use someone else’s path as a way to achieving your dreams? It won’t. Find your own path and remember why you are moving towards your goal. Being true to yourself is the best way to overcome comparison and began achieving your dreams.