5 Most Common Habits of Unsuccessful People

By April 3, 2016Abundance, Mind, Prosperity

Living an abundant life is all about learning to be successful. Now, what you may consider success might not be the same for everyone. While I have large goals that don’t change that often, my smaller definitions of success vary daily. Some days, I’m successful if I get out of bed and other days it’s not until I’ve checked everything off my list. Perhaps you consider yourself successful when you lose those 5 lbs. or maybe it’s when you hit that high note. Individual success varies per person but the type of people that are successful don’t.

For every person that is trying to reach success, there are several who are unsuccessful. That’s because being successful is hard and it requires a lot of effort. Many people don’t see the sacrifice required to become successful as a worthwhile effort. However, it is worth it. Things always seem to be more valuable if you work for it. I define unsuccessful people as those who are not trying to improve themselves. They are merely floating through life, not working for it. If you are on your own path to success, avoid these common 5 habits of unsuccessful people.

Negative Attitude

Unsuccessful people tend to have a negative attitude about everything and anything. They look for problems and can find them everywhere. Successful people try to find the positive in everything even when things are going bad. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have a bad day every once in a while (actually that’s healthy) but if you constantly have a negative attitude towards life, you will be unsuccessful.

Time Wasters

I struggle with this sometimes. I like to surf the Internet, mainly social media, and I watch television a little too much. Although, every now and then is okay especially because our world is so interconnected these days. However, unsuccessful people are constantly wasting time. It could be too much time watching television, surfing the web for no apparent reason, or just blankly staring at a wall. If you want to find success, avoid wasting time.

It’s All About the Talk

A common trait among unsuccessful people is that they constantly talk about themselves and talk themselves up to appear confident. They rarely take the time to listen to others. These people generally don’t really like to hear advice from others either because it points out, in their minds, what they are doing wrong. Unsuccessful people don’t like to hear how they are “failing.”   If you want to avoid this habit, listen and learn from those around you. Successful people are happy to share knowledge and learn from others.

Education Apathy

The key to improving yourself and finding success is by continuing to learn. Taking the time to invest in a form of Education is a great way to be successful. This could be as simple as reading a new book or looking up a self-help article on the Internet. However, unsuccessful people tend not to do this. They don’t invest the time necessary to improve themselves. And that is why many of them stay where they are and don’t reach their success.

Fear of Failure

Unsuccessful people view failure, as the end all, be all. If they set a goal, but face opposition the first time around, they quit. They don’t push past the obstacle in their way but view it as finality that they will never reach success. Don’t do that. The truth is that failure is a great tool for success. It gives you a chance to step back, reevaluate, learn, and try again. Don’t let failure stop you from being successful, use it to help you learn.