Five Ways to Remember How Amazing You Are

Eleanor Roosevelt said that “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”

I am definitely my worst critic.  In fact, I am really amazing at it.  No one can make me feel lower than myself. Because of this I am very aware of when I start down this path and quickly put a stop to it. Here are 5 ways to remember how amazing you are…

Stop comparing yourself to others.

We all know that we need to stop trying to “keep up with the Jones’s”  Because behind close doors they are usually in the same situation or worse than us.  Stop beating yourself up over someone else’ fabricated persona.  It has nothing to do with you, and it is very damaging to The Real You.

Get Rid of Negative Influences.

So while you are getting rid of the “make believe people” I want you to throw out the image of “who you are Supposed to be”  ; supposed to be with, supposed to have, supposed to do, supposed to look like.  If we could stop trying to live up to some of these damaging ideas and be the real YOU, we would be happier.  By eliminating the “supposed to be” you will be able to see the things we are doing right.  We will be a better version of ourselves; the loving, positive person that you want around you; be that for yourself and for others


Its hard to step back and look at ourselves objectively, so next time you have any negative self talk you need to paint a picture in your mind about who that person is.  I picture mine as a “mean girl” and then I don’t worry what she has to say because by creating the visual of someone I don’t respect, those cutting words lose their power.

Write your problems down.

All day long I have a million to do’s in my head, which makes me feel like I’m not accomplishing anything.  But take a second, as I have done and make a list of the “millions” of things that are troubling you, and you will see there are not millions.  I rarely have more than a couple things in my life that are worth worrying about.

Now that you have written your list down, prioritize the list.  Not everything is a “TEN”  And when you rank them, it allows you to see the problem in a different light.  “oh that one is really not that big of a deal because it ranked so low on my list.

Be your friend. 

As a mom I try to highlight the importance of this to my children.  When my son says, “I’m  not that smart, I tell him to stop talking about Jeffrey like that, because I love Jeffrey.”  He always laughs, because he knows that he is the Jeffery I am referring to.  So next time you hear or think any negative self talk say, “Don’t talk about me that way”  You are Amazing, remember that!