5 Statements You Need to Make the Law of Attraction Work For YOU

Affirmation statements sometimes can be scary.  At times they seem so direct and bold.  The Law of Attraction is about belief.  Looking in the Mirror and making a bold statement about who you are and what you want is essential for the Law of Attraction to Work.  You need to be so bold and direct your conscious and subconscious mind believe you  Here are the 5 “I am” statements that you need to know to make the Law of Attraction work for you.

I am strong.

Now, you are!  Don’t argue. Because the first part of being strong is being mentally strong.  I run, it hurts.  I’m sore I ache but that’s okay, because by completing that run, I know I will be mentally and physically stronger. You might not be as physically strong as you would like to be, but being mentally strong is the first step to being there.

I am worthy of respect.

To gain respect from others we first need to respect ourselves.  There’s a lot to this.  It’s in the way we carry ourselves, the way we talk about ourselves, which of course affects the way others talk about us.  But NEVER FORGET the person that deserves your respect the most, IS YOU!

I am worthy of a GREAT LIFE!

One thing I hope you really want to attract is a GREAT LIFE!  And you know, to attract it is to believe it.  Because you really are worthy of a great life.  And what is more amazing is how you won’t just help yourself by believing and affirming this, but also those you come in contact with.  I have a great life, and as I learned to use the law of attraction in my life I looked at others differently.  We all remember wanting to go to our reunions wanting to show how much better we are than 10 years ago.  But now, with the law of attraction being used, effectively in my life,  I have no desire to prove I’m better.  My best friend from high school Stacey was trying to talk me into going to our reunion, and she said to me, “don’t you want to go and see how much better your life is than everyone”.  And I responded, “No.  I don’t want to see that, that would make me sad”. So as the law of attraction works for you, you want others to also have a great life.  The gift that just keeps on giving.

I am Prosperous!

Now this can be looked at several ways.  I look at it and think, money and success. To be wealthy is actually quite achievable, and once you realize that  it will happen for you.  You get to decided how hard and how much you work.  I see people all around me that take this to heart.  I know a man who recycles for a living.  He goes and picks up a dead car for $100 puts a new battery in it and then sells it for $1000.  He is doing this so his wife can stay at home when their first child is born in October.  Being able to give his child a stay-at-home mom is what prosperity means for him.  They are meeting that goal, so they lead a prosperous life. They are prosperous.  Prosperity can be obtained at so many levels, and its your personal happiness mark…..not another persons.   Believing this is so important for the future success of all your endeavors.  It will affect how you approach everything and everyone you come in contact with.

I am successful at everything I do

This is the Law of Attractions most important blanket statement!  I am Successful at everything I do!  I am successul in life.  I am successful in Love.  I am successful in business, I AM.

I love “I Am” statements,. Because it forces you to examine yourself, to look inward, and to evaluate if you believe that they are true.  And if you dont have that belief you will get to look at where you are missing the control,  and where the holes are in subconscious. AND YOU GET TO FILL THEM IN.  So go fill in your “I am” statements and figure out where you need to adjust things to make the LAW of ATTRACTION WORK FOR YOU!