6 Tips to Visualize Your Desires

Have you attempted visualizing, but find it difficult or impossible? Try this. Pick up a photo and study it closely; then close your eyes and tell me what you see. If you see anything resembling the picture, you are visualizing.  Now learn how to pump up your visualization skills.  Here are 6 tips to visualizing your desires.


This starts with a simple idea, but than you have to manage that idea.  You are coining a phrase, concocting a plan.  You reorganize your thoughts on your idea in the form of a proposal.  You need to design your dream.  Creating that picture in your mind will help that come to fruition.


Now it’s time to evaluate your plan.  Lets make sure it’s a good plan.  As you assess this plan it’s time to truly critique it so you can defend it to yourself.  Because once you are able to truly sell yourself on your goal then you can become the tenacious individual that will get it done.


Once you have evaluated all angles, then you can rehash and study your goal.  This is important.  It allows you to resolve any issues that you have found with your goal. Redefining your goal, does not mean that you failed.  It only means that you are smart.  You are able to step outside your situation and look at your circumstance with fresh eyes.


Now that you have reconstructed your goal, now it’s the time to apply it.  Being able to summarize your goal will help you stay focused.  I love being able to exploit the parts of my goal that I am particularly good at.


Being able to summarize your plan will help you convert it into action.  This will help you determine and predict your plan in a way to sense the best course.  And convert this plan into action.


Think about the picture, that goal in your mind, over and over.   It will remind and help you relive your goal.  This keeps you focused, so you don’t do the most common mistake in visualizing, getting in your own way.

Now you have your plan, so get to work! 😉