7 Steps to Manifesting Anything in Your Life

The Law of attraction is something everybody needs to understand. Simply it starts with the “power of positive thinking” and then builds from there.

We all want positive outcomes so it makes sense that the first part of receiving positive outcomes, is to think about the things in our life positively. The following steps will direct you on how to effectively manifest your dreams and desires.


You need to visualize what you want. Have a specific mental picture of your dream or idea.  Knowing what you want out of life is the first step to achieving it.


Be intensely excited about what you’re visualizing. When you are excited about what you want then you share it with others. This creates opportunity. While net working with people, sharing your current projects or interest you will find people with common interests that may be able to help the effectiveness of your goal and desire.


Believe what you desire is possible to manifest, Doubt is toxic. The tiniest bit of doubt and fear can destroy all your hope, or belief in yourself. Negative self talk will always be there if you allow it. That’s why having a strong enough belief in something will regulate the negative self talk, fear, and doubt.


Accept your belief and your ability to manifest it as true; Acceptance is really about taking responsibility for making things happen. It’s really up to you to make this happen.


Want and intent are different. You must have the intention to manifest your desire. Intent infers an action. A plan to carryout. Now that you accept that it’s on you to make it happen, you must make a plan to do so.


Act and behave like your desire has already manifested. If you can live as if you have already accomplished your goal, then when it comes, it will more easily fit into your life.


Detach from the outcome. Unconditionally, let it go. This is the polarity. No expectation that it has to happen at all. This is the balanced state for it to manifest with ease. On some level, it has already happened.

Please ponder and look at these as 7 important parts to manifesting your destiny.

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