9 Things you Should GIVE UP Right Now to be Happy

Being happy is the ultimate goal in life. But one thing for certain is true happiness isn’t instant. It takes work and commitment and often times eliminating things from our life. So here are 9 things you should give up, so you can be Happy!

Give up Living Up to Others Expectations of you.

This is the first and most important step, so pay attention. Stop worrying about others. To be happy you need to own that its up to YOU to be happy. So that in turn means you can not give heed to others expectations of your life.

Give up Excuses.

Those who fail at being happy, are those who are willing to offer up excuses for their shortcomings. First put in your mind “you won’t fail” and if you do….embrace the failure.  Don’t make excuses for why.  Own it and then move on.  One of the MOST COMMON attributes of rich, wealthy, happy, abundant people is they failures become their strength and motivation and best the ultimate learning tool.

Give up Criticism.

While you are trying hard to look inward, lets make this Universal. When you stop criticizing others, you will be nicer to yourself, and truly allow yourself to be happy. This is important to get out of your own way, so you can be happy.  Your relationships will change for the better too. People are so open and a better version of themselves when they aren’t afraid of being criticized. You will start to see others in a better light, see their talents, see what wonderful people they are. And seeing the good in others will allow you to see the good in yourself

Give up Negative self talk.

Now if you are committed to step 3, step 4 will follow. Please be kind to yourself. Your own thoughts on YOU, are so important to your happiness. Even if you are not where or who you want to be, I know you are trying, AND THAT IS ENOUGH. That is so Great! Just think about your kids, if they tried to do something, even if they couldn’t get it, you would still be SO proud of them. So this step is already inside you! so go practice it. 🙂

Give up Labels.

“A Happy man is a rich man”, We all know plenty of rich people that are not happy. And that’s true for blanket statements across the board, you can always find holes in them. That’s all a label is is a blanket statement. It’s like saying “all women are short”. We all hear that and go “Nope I know a tall woman”. So lets just drop the rest of these labels that are nothing but ignorant.  Happiness is a personal experience that cannot be labeled.

Give up the Past.

This is hard. I know there are people and circumstances in your life that hurt you. I’m sorry. But the truth is we all have pain. That is part of the human experience. But you get to decide if you want to bring the pain with you, or give it up. Let it go. Because keeping it is the only way it gets to keep hurting you. Lets stop hurting ourselves.

Give up Fear.

Fear is lethal to your happiness. Because fear and faith cannot exist at the same place. You have one or the other, never both. Have faith in yourself. Once you can have faith and believe in you, you can be happy. Because you wont need to criticize, you wont need labels, you won’t need limiting beliefs, none of these things will have any room in your life, if you can eliminate the fear and have faith in you, because YOU ARE GREAT.

Give up any Resistance to Change.

Because owning your happiness is a lifestyle change, don’t fight it, or it will not work.

Give up Limiting Beliefs.

What is a limiting beliefs? A belief is not an idea held by the mind; it is an idea that holds the mind” -Elly Roselle. A limiting belief is a negative idea you have that shapes you.  These ideas are sometime buried, and are the true destroyers of happiness and success. “I will be happy when…” No you don’t need money, prestige, love, to be happy. You First choose to be happy and then those things find you.

The greatest training and help on eliminating limiting beliefs is from Joe Vitale.  He was in the movie “The Secret” and has some amazing insight on how to find and destroy everything that limits our happiness.

You can see his video on limiting beliefs right here, grab his program The Secret Mirror and work wonders in your life.