I have always been a kid at heart. and love watching cartoons of all sorts with my children.

We re-watched one recently that has an amazing message and I love when my young ones understand the message and take it to heart.

Meet The Robinsons is about the journey of Lewis.  A boy who was orphaned as a baby, who really wants someone to want him as family.

There are a bunch of fun little messages from this great movie Meet The Robinsons, I even found a clip on Youtube about one of the main themes of the movie its only a minute so enjoy.

Keep Moving Forward

Lewis is an inventor that fails A LOT in his inventions.  To the point where he wants to give up what he is doing.  He meets a family that helps him understand how his failures are some of the best things to happen in his life.

In this clip he just fixes a broken automatic PB&J (Peanut Butter and Jelly) making machine. Well it doesn’t work and ends in a total disaster. But those around him give him praise about his failure and the motto of Keep Moving Forward….. From failing you learn from success, not so much.  Keep moving forward to achieve your dreams.

By the end of the movie Lewis has a realization that his success in life has come from him continually moving forward and not giving up about what he wants.  He creates his own happiness, which includes the fact that he found the family he always longed for from the path his failures led to.

Watch this movie, rent it and enjoy.  I even cry at some points.

Remember Keep Moving Forward.  You will achieve and gain what you need and want out of life.