How to Come Back From an “Off” Day

When having an off day, and you feel like nothing is going right…because you have too much to do, it’s a bad hair day ūüėČ or you are just struggling in life right now.

Here are some things that really help me just get through the day.¬† It’s all about taking back control of your life. After you feel like you are in control; one day at a time gets easier.

So I’ve come up with a list of some self care tips that will help you take your life back.

1. Remember to breath.

By slowing down and becoming aware of your breathing you will be able to gain a little perspective.  It makes the world stop spinning around you and not only do you slow down, but your mind does too.

2.  Take a Break.

Now that you are remembering to breathe, take a break.¬† Just do nothing.¬† I know, easier said than done.¬† But you need a little “you” time.¬† Remember the airplane attendant “please secure your mask and then your child”. As a parent you think now, my kid matters more than I do, but if you aren’t there for them, where would they be?¬† So don’t feel so bad taking a break, do you.¬† It’s the right thing to do.

3.  Get something healthy to eat.

When we are panic driven, stressed out crazies, we usually reach for whatever is easiest: candy bar, caffeine or worse.¬†¬† So our bodies can spike up, but what goes up must come down.¬† So in order to avoid the crash or sugar or caffeine let’s eat something that will help you feel good.¬† Fruits, vegetables, things high in fiber always are my go to for feeling better.¬† And drink lots of water.¬† By drinking the water it’ll help keep away any headaches that want to creep up at.¬† And let’s be honest, that’s the last thing you need.¬† And for me the best part about eating healthy is there is no attached guilt, that comes with eating what I know deep down…. I shouldn’t.¬† So double win!

4.  Listen to music.

I don’t do this enough and I really should.¬† And every time I do I’m amazed at the effects. By turning on music: country for me, or Disney when I’m with my kids, I’m immediately uplifted.¬† Daunting tasks seem easier and much more manageable.¬† And more importantly focusing on the music or the lyrics automatically shuts down all the little thoughts running through my head.¬†¬† So instead of stressing about every single thing you need to get done today, you just focus on the task at hand.

5.  Get moving.

Now that the music is¬† on that means you can just have an impromptu dance party or go for a walk.¬† Removing yourself from your current negative environment can be helpful anyway.¬† Go for a run, if you’d prefer, bike ride, head to the gym, whatever is your cup of tea.¬† By exercising you will create endorphins in your body that will turn you happy.

6.  Create a mantra.

When I’m at the gym and I’ve done a half hour on the elliptical and I wanted an hour but my body says NO.¬† I start giving myself a pep talk.¬† “You got this”. “I can do this”. And guess what?¬† Then I do!

7.  Get some rest.

I know you have a long list, that isn’t completed, and you think you should¬†accomplish all of it if you pulled an all nighter. Don’t!¬† It’s not worth getting everything done in the state your in. It won’t be your best work and you are going to end up redoing it anyway.¬† So go to bed.¬† And add one more mantra,”tomorrow is going to be a really good day”.

Good night.¬† ūüėČ